Too much cleansing how we sometimes fall into overdoing it can leave our skin dehydrated and sensitised. However, if all this is true, it is also true that double cleansing can help your skin feel cleaner without compromising the skin barrier.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is the act of cleaning your skin twice, i.e. in two steps, based on the theory “like removes like”. The first step removes oil-based products (make up and sunscreen) while the second step aims to remove water-soluble impurities.

In our shop you can find cleansers for both steps.

First step

Makeup, sunscreen and excess sebum are removed with an oil-based product. This product can be in oil (cleansing oil) or balm (cleansing balm).

In your evening routine, apply the product to dry skin (not damped) and make gentle circular movements with your hand. These products are suitable for the eye area, but for sensitive eyes it is recommended to use a specific eye makeup remover first.

The oil/balm must then be removed with water or a damp cloth. Some products leave a greasy residue even after rinsing with water, so some people prefer a damp towel or washcloth.

The best part? No more piles of disposable and messy cotton pads. Your make up is removed in one go with a “splash of water”! 💦

Our First Cleansers

Second step

After the first step, there are few products that don’t leave that greasy film feeling. In this second step, a water-based product is then applied to remove residues from the first step and other water-soluble impurities. Don’t worry, it can even remove the oily residue from the previous step, due to molecules called surfactants.

The products in the second step should be gentle, but still suitable for each skin type. In our shop you can only find products like that. 😊

Our Second Cleansers

For whom?

Double cleansing is especially useful for those who use oil-based makeup (most of the makeup nowadays) and sunscreen every day.

People with dry skin may also feel the need to use an oil as it feels more comfortable.

Can oily skins use balm or oil cleansers?

Despite popular belief, cleansing oil and balms works for all skin types (yes, even oily skin) because they are not designed to leave anything behind and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. 

Do I really need to do double cleansing?

As with everything in this world, it depends.

If your cleanser already fulfils this function, there is no apparent reason to have to do more work. On the other hand, if you still notice makeup residue on your towel, doing a double cleansing may help.

Last but not least, if you cannot tolerate the friction that may be necessary to remove makeup, double cleansing might be a good practice!

There are though products completely capable of removing no waterproof makeup, sunscreen and impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean, which is the case of our beloved Jelly Joker.