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Our Values

We lead to transformation

We intend to bring only effective and appropriate products and routines, which cause an almost immediate and noticeable transformation to your skin and routine.

You will feel the transformation right at the moment of the purchase, when you can get a customised advice and later on, in the comfort of your home, from the first usage onwards.

The selection of our products is not led by the green washing or misleading concepts. Our selection is done based on effective and sustainable claims.

Are you ready to feel the difference on your skin?

We are comminted to transparency.

Disruptif Beauty is committed to providing as much information as possible about ingredients, packaging and certifications, in order to ensure a conscious purchase, uncoupled of fears or beliefs, so present today, about cosmetic products.

Whenever it is possible, studies, certificates and usage information will be provided in each product page. 

Also, during the skin consultation (soon to be launched!), all your needs and beliefs will be taken into consideration and the best products will be advised, accordingly. 

Disruptif Beauty is Cruelty-Free

We, like any other official cosmetic products retailer, are cruelty-free. In European Union and some other thirds countries like Switzerland, being cruelty-free is not an option, it is the law!

In November of 2009, EU Regulation EC 1223/2009 stipulated that ingredients could no longer be tested on animals if the aim was to use them in cosmetics. The Swiss’ laws are aligned with EU regulation in that matter. 

We work towards Impact

Disruptif Beauty works with alternative brands to the big companies, giving preference to partnerships with independent and small production brands, whose sustainability is its modus operandi. 

In addition, we  ensure that the shipping and the packaging is in accordance to the sustainability principles to prevent as much waste as possible. 

Whenever it is possible you will get information about the brand or product sustainability policy. 

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