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Unlocking Beauty Day

Day of Skincare & Makeup

SHOWCASE | 10:00 - 13:00

With the showcase you will get the chance to have a proper overview of our hero products and leverage the experience with our exclusive skincare brands.

The immediate contact with the products accompanied by a cosmetic expert will allow you to clarify your concerns and find the best for your skin needs and happiness.



Adrienn will offer complimentary mini styling sessions loaded with hands on tips for your makeup routine.

You can also explore her innovative approach to tailor made product selectionthrough her personal palettes.

WORKSHOP | 14:00 - 17:00

This workshop is for you if:

You have a lot of questions about skincare and find everything very confusing?

You don’t know how to choose products for your skin or which ingredients to focus on

You don’t know where you should invest your skincare budget.  You often spend a lot of money without results?

You frequently have blemishes, dull skin or uneven texture


Since she started blogging, Catarina recognized how amazing, but at the same time confusing was the cosmetics world. With her small community, she realized how frustrated and lost people felt: overwhelmed for the many options existing with the complicated and non-familiar names; struggling to understand what claims they should believe to avoid any harm to their skin and environment. 

It is based on this restless willing to detangle the amazing world and benefits of cosmetic products that Disruptif Beauty was born – a place where effective, yet transparent products and skincare routines are found to achieve a healthy skin. 

Information is the key

At Disruptif Breauty, we aim to bring exclusive and effective products, together with a customised and specialised consultation.

This way, we will not only guarantee an informed purchase, but also a transformative and effortless skin care routine, free from fears and beliefs and targeting the desired effect: healthy, balanced and radiant skin!

Our goal is not to promote fears but effective cosmetics to achieve an healthy skin!

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