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This is Disruptif Beauty

A shop that brings transformation to your skin and skincare routine!

Founded by Catarina

Born in the south of Portugal (Faro), Catarina moved to Switzerland (Bern) in 2021 after spending almost 6 years in the south of China (Macao).

The interest, from a very early age, in trying to understand the functioning of the human body, as well as the Cosmetic Sciences led her to study Pharmaceutical Sciences and to take a post-graduation in Advanced Cosmetology.

In 2019, she started her own blog (theskinbalance.com written in Portuguese), with the main goal to help women to understand the self and skincare and what benefits they can take from the cosmetic products.


Myths, beliefs and the clean beauty washing

Since she started blogging, Catarina recognized how amazing, but at the same time confusing was the cosmetics world. With her small community, she realized how frustrated and lost people felt: overwhelmed for the many options existing with the complicated and non-familiar names; struggling to understand what claims they should believe to avoid any harm to their skin and environment. 

It is based on this restless willing to detangle the amazing world and benefits of cosmetic products that Disruptif Beauty was born – a place where effective, yet transparent products and skincare routines are found to achieve a healthy skin. 

Information is the key

At Disruptif Breauty, we aim to bring exclusive and effective products, together with a customised and specialised consultation.

This way, we will not only guarantee an informed purchase, but also a transformative and effortless skin care routine, free from fears and beliefs and targeting the desired effect: healthy, balanced and radiant skin!

Our goal is not to promote fears but effective cosmetics to achieve an healthy skin!

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